Specialty Contact Lenses

Dr. Ton recognizes that all eyes are different and require different care. For patients who want an alternative to eyeglasses or refractive surgery, contact lenses are a great option. Corneal topography is performed at least once a year on all contact lens wearers to provide Dr. Ton with an accurate mapping of the surface of the eye. This also helps Dr. Ton monitor for unheathy changes due to contact lens wear.

There are contact lenses available for patients who want to sleep in contact lenses. This is extremely convenient for people who need to have good vision in the middle of the night such as parents of newborn babies, firefighters and patients with high prescription. Overnight contact lens may be a lifestyle choice or for people who have difficulty putting on and removing contact lenses.

Dr. Ton offers astigmatism corrected contact lenses and multifocal contact lenses.

For patients who have irregular corneas or keratoconus, Dr. Ton is able to fit rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

For patients who want the comfort of soft contact lenses but require the optical clarity of a rigid contact lens, Dr. Ton offers the hybrid contact lens.