Pediatric Eye Exams

Just like adults, children need wellness eye exams at least once a year. Dr. Ton recommends that each child have a complete eye exam before they start preschool.

A vision screening at school or the pediatrician’s office is not sufficient. The vision screening usually checks the child’s distance vision only. It is more important to check the near vision and focusing ability for young children since they use mostly near vision for learning.

Dr.Ton’s pediatric eye exam will check distance vision, near vision, focusing ablility, binocular vision (how both eyes work together), color vision, and ocular health. Children’s eye exams are extremely important because amblyopia (“lazy eye”) will happen during these early years and it can be corrected if detected.

Because excellent care requires good communication between our patient’s doctors, Dr. Ton will send a report of your child’s eye exam to his/her pediatrician.